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Reserve Forces & Cadets Association
Northern Ireland



21 August 2015

Cadet Corporal Courtney Quinn tells of her summer camp experience:

For each cadet, summer camp is the highlight of the year. It's the reason that both the cadets and the adult volunteers put in so much work, go to detachment each week and take part in multiple training weekends. However, what's so good about camp?

Arriving at camp after competing at Tug of War Nationals held at York was exciting. Seeing the accommodation, the training programme, the adults, the cadets and best of all...the cookhouse gave me goosebumps!!

My camp began with a four day exercise which was undoubtedly the best part of three star...who wouldn’t love staying in multiple harbour areas, learning new fieldcraft lessons, taking multiple roles within the platoon, multiple ‘engagements with the enemy', being with the best adults and cadets in the battalion and having chocolate cake on our last night!! (It was someone’s birthday). Exercise boosted my leadership confidence as I acted as platoon commander, section commander and delivered my first set of orders. I am mostly proud of our ‘final attack', not only was our aim achieved but we were all switched on and completed it to the best of our abilities.

After exercise, Barrossa Company went to Folkestone to relax, eat food and feel human. Never have I been so happy to see the yellow McDonalds logo!! Eating a 20 piece chicken nugget meal tastes even better when you worked hard to get it! 

Carrying on through the training programme we did rifle drill, paintballing, sports, LSW (light support weapon) handling, LSW shoot and preparation for our 3* pass off parade. The LSW shoot was unbelievably exciting! Doing single shot firing as well as 3 round bursts on automatic was class. Everyone enjoyed it!

Paintballing was just for a bit of fun however Cpl Erin Nelson, L/Cpl Zoe Willdridge and I fully got in to it... “ENEMY SEEN” it was a good laugh!

Another exciting part of camp was Adventure Training. Rock climbing, abseiling, biking, archery, zorb footballs and many watersports including how to rescue someone using different equipment! My favourite part was abseiling, simply because I overcame my fear of doing it!!

The last days of camp were approaching which meant 3* pass off parade and final parade. It was relaxing sitting with close friends, listening to music in the sun polishing our boots!

At both parades I had the pleasure of getting called out as I achieved my 3* and received a 3rd place trophy from Tug of War Nationals! Our OC of Barrossa Company Captain McKeown and the Battalion Commandant Colonel Warnock had both an emotional time as this was their last camp at these positions...however at the ‘disco’ it was hilarious watching them on the dance floor!

Last but definitely not least was the day out...Thorpe Park here we come!! After the RAF museum though...they had a nice cafe and a lot of interesting pieces to look at so it was good! When we got to Thorpe Park I couldn’t wait to get on all the rides. 1 hour 12 minutes for a rollercoaster though?...I'd prefer to do sentry again haha!!

Well, this is what I got up to at my summer camp as well as grow stronger friendships, gain new skills and qualities and have a memorable summer!

Major thank you to everyone who made my camp the memorable experience it was!

Cadet Corporal Courtney Quinn, Glenwood Detachment
H Company
2 (NI) Battalion
16 years old