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Reserve Forces & Cadets Association
Northern Ireland



Based in Belfast, Limavady and Enniskillen, we provide the very highest standards of frontline healthcare for soldiers on operations.

We need professionally qualified doctors and nurses to provide specialist care in combat zones, from emergency medicine to secondary healthcare. We also need qualified dentists, dental nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists and environmental health practitioners. If you’re not medically qualified you can train as a Combat Medical Technician.

You’ll get the chance to develop your professional skills in challenging conditions, using hi-tech facilities and equipment. You’ll also get personal development opportunities you won’t find anywhere else and training to build your physical fitness as well as command and leadership skills that could put you ahead in your civilian career.


The only specialist fuel Regiment within the Army Reserve, we are based in Belfast, Derry/Londonderry and Coleraine. We operate a fleet of bulk fuel tankers and bulk fuel installation equipment, in support of the Army anywhere in the world.

Driving is at the heart of what we do. All our soldiers get their Category C driving licence and are qualified to transport hazardous material.

There are lots of other opportunities too. You can qualify as an Army commando logistician or train as a chef, forklift operator, clerk or medic. You will also get the chance to take part in sport and adventurous training.


The Ulster Gunners serve with the Regular Army on operations and exercises all over the world. Recently members have been to Canada, the Falkland Islands, Kenya and Denmark. On six royal occasions each year we fire a 21-gun Royal Salute at Hillsborough Castle with our ceremonial guns.

We use the L118 Light Gun, which can fire a high-explosive shell almost 20km. You could be part of a Fire Support Team, getting close to the enemy, or a Gunner – loading, aiming and firing the guns. You could also get your HGV licence or become a chef, medic or clerk.

Alongside your military training you’ll get the chance to enjoy adventurous training such as canoeing, yachting, abseiling and skiing, as well as having a great social life.


The 2nd Battalion, The Royal Irish Regiment is Northern Ireland’s only Reserve Infantry Battalion.
Battalion HQ and HQ company are based in Lisburn. We have Rifle Companies across Northern Ireland, in Ballymena, East Belfast, Portadown, Newtownabbey and Enniskillen.

We welcome people from all sections of the community and offer exciting and rewarding careers: Infantryman, Signaller, Chef, Combat HR Specialist, Driver, Medic and Musician are just some of those on offer.

We will train, mentor and develop you to help you achieve your full potential. Join us and you’ll enjoy pay, an annual tax-free bounty, education, management development and sport, as well as a great social life.


The Band of The Royal Irish Regiment is an Army Reserve Band based in Holywood, Co Down. We are the only service band permanently based in Northern Ireland.
We provide musical support to both the military and civil communities both at home and further afield.

We are a busy symphonic wind band of 35 musicians made up of woodwind, brass and percussion. We often perform at concerts, marching displays, fanfare teams, Ceilidh groups and brass and flute ensembles.

We are looking for able musicians who would like to earn some extra money doing something they enjoy. We welcome men and women from all walks of life.


The Royal Engineer Sub-Unit, 591 (Antrim Artillery) Field Squadron is based in Bangor and is part of 71 Engineer Regiment. It is the only Royal Engineer Reserve Unit in Northern Ireland.

591 Fd Sqn fulfils all the roles of a Regular Engineers Squadron. We use our specialist skills to help the Army to live, fight and move around on operations. Our expertise includes bridge construction, explosive demolition, providing clean water and basic construction. Our soldiers can train as plant operators, truck drivers, communications specialists, plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers or electricians.

Once they are trained up our Reservists can use their skills alongside Regular soldiers anywhere in the world.

For more information, contact the ROSWO, WO2 McCrea on 028 92 260219 or visit 71 Engineer Regiment's Facebook page: 71EngineerRegiment.


Light Cavalry is the Army’s newest combat role, born out of the Afghan deserts and the need for long range, heavily armed, highly mobile recce patrols. Patrols will operate in groups of four WMIK (Weapons Mount Installation Kit) Land Rovers. With highly trained crews and the ability to move, quickly and stealthily across the battlefield, they will be a force to be reckoned with.

As a reconnaissance soldier you’ll need to be intelligent, inquisitive, analytical, fit and able to think on your feet in the toughest of conditions. Reconnaissance is one of the most varied, wide-ranging roles in the modern Army and it opens the door to lots of different combat courses and opportunities.


40 (NIHI) Sqn is the only Reserve Royal Signals Squadron based in Northern Ireland. Our headquarters are in Clonaver.

We are specialists in IT and communications. We have supported Regular Army operations all over the world and we also work in the UK. Recently we provided security and communications for the London Olympics and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

There are lots of financial incentives and allowances to help with you training and career, including annual tax-free bounties and educational learning credits to help you develop both personally and professionally.  


Northern Ireland’s Army Reserve Field Hospital is staffed by medically professionals from the NHS and private sector. We provide medical support to the Army worldwide as paid volunteers.

As an officer or soldier in the Army Medical Services you’ll put your skills to use helping soldiers who need vital medical support, on and off the battlefield. You’ll develop your professional skills, get paid to train in your spare time, gain leadership experience that could help your civilian career and earn an annual tax-free bounty. There are opportunities in medical roles from anaesthetists to surgeons, nurses and allied health professionals, and for drivers, admin specialists, chefs and electricians. We can offer you a challenge and a role where you are always learning something new.


The job of the Northern Ireland REME Reserve Company is to recover, repair and maintain the Army’s equipment so that it can meet the challenges of operations all over the world. The Battalion works with the Regular Army, supporting operations abroad and exercises as far afield as Kenya, Gibraltar, Canada and in the UK. We employ metal smiths, armourers, vehicle mechanics/electricians and recovery mechanics. We’re also looking for military instructors, chefs, drivers and radio operators.

There are plenty of opportunities for sport, adventurous training and courses. We pride ourselves on our commitment to developing the potential of all our members, both professionally and personally.


As an Intelligence Corps soldier you’ll begin your career as an Intelligence Operator. You could work with an Infantry Company or in a high level headquarters. You’ll need to be able to analyse complex situations and communicate your findings to decision makers.

You’ll become an expert in collecting and analysing intelligence. It’s a varied job, which can involve piecing together information from lots of different sources, like mobile phones, hard drives, enemy weapons, IED’ and enemy prisoners.
Members of the Battalion have served on operations in roles such as imagery analysis and support to Special Forces. Others have been posted to national intelligence agencies in Whitehall.

Its important to remember that you’re a soldier first and foremost. You’ll do regular field training so that, like all soldiers, you’re prepared for even the most challenging conditions.


All members of QUOTC are undergraduate or postgraduate students at universities or colleges in Northern Ireland, who are members of the Army Reserve and paid when on duty.

As an Officer Cadet you can attempt the Army Officer Selection Board, which you need to pass to be accepted into the Army Reserve Commissioning Course.  There is no obligation to join the Armed Forces after you leave university and you can resign from the OTC at any time.

We offer fantastic opportunities for leadership development through military training, adventurous training and social activities.  If you are studying at Queen's University, you can get the Degree Plus Award.  University of Ulster students can get the Edge Award, which recognises extracurricular activities.


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